Letter to my 10 year old self


You’re 10 years old. So full of life, so full of fire. Your eyes light up with wonder and enthusiasm when you discover things for the first time. You’re always on the move. You just can’t wait to grow up.

Stop. SLOW. DOWN. 

You won't believe it right now but there will come a time when you wish you could get these days back. Live in the moment. Climb trees. Crunch leaves. Play, paint, sing loudly and smile widely. Read. Read LOTS. Meditate. Do yoga. Make things. Hold hands with someone you love - someone who loves you - and run as fast as you can with a belly full of laughter. Feel the grass beneath your feet, the sand between your toes, the feeling of the rain pouring down on your skin and streaming down your face. Notice the raindrops balancing on your eyelashes and nose. The way your eyes close in the light of the sun. 

Be kind. It’s the little things people will remember forever. Be the child that sits with children who don’t have anyone to sit with. Make a new friend every day. Appreciate your family - once in a while, tell them you love them. For no reason whatsoever. Yes, it all gets a bit too much sometimes but one day, I promise you, you’ll miss them if they’re not around. Love yourself. That might sound funny to you now but it’ll make sense someday.

And now, the hard stuff. Things won’t always go to plan. There will be good days and not-so-good days. There will be challenges. Some little ones and some big ones too. But don’t worry too much - you’re stronger than you know. Be brave. But most of all, BE YOURSELF. No one does it better than you.


*Originally written for Cheeky Yogi, a business we're very sadly in the process of closing down. More on that adventure later!