MOOC me up!

After a long phase of feeling well and truly MOOCed out, I've decided to once again dip my toes in the proverbial waters of the online learning pool. And of course that means signing up to many more courses than I have the time to complete. Actually, if I'm honest, time is available in abundance at the moment. The issue is commitment. And staying engaged. As a self-confessed geek, I've never had a problem with this before (with exceptions made for subjects like geography and constitutional law). I even managed to fall in love with financial accounting for goodness sake and for a lawyer (a  poet, not a quant), that's really saying something. But there's something about the MOOC setup that gets me all excited to start with (at the point of sign-up) but over time somehow seems to invite impatience, skimming, laziness, switching off and giving up (all in that order). And the descent is rapid.

Now it's quite possible that I just haven't found the online learning format that works for me. The next few weeks are about discovering what that is. Also on my To Do list is getting to grips with some of the latest research on MOOCs. I know I'll have some major confirmation bias issues to grapple with but I really want to understand - with an open mind - what "effectiveness" really means in MOOC land (and recently I've been getting a feeling that completion rates and discussion forum participation rates don't necessarily have anything to do with it).

The secondary research piece can wait. I'll start with primary research. And that means getting my act together and actually doing a course or two rather than just letting them sit prettily on my EdX dashboard, unopened.