Startup fever

So I've been working on a startup project for quite some time now but in the last couple of weeks I've been turning up the heat. I think it's that drive to make these two wonderful years on the MBA mean something. Back when I was a lawyer, things were so simple - there was a clear trajectory. The deals were glamorous, the view from my office was breath-taking and the banter was good. I was set. And I decided to leave at a time when I felt on top of the world. It's the toughest way to do it but one of the best decisions I've ever made. These two years of meeting incredible people and taking some phenomenal courses have opened my eyes to a whole host of possibilities. For the longest time, I had been telling people that I left law in order to create something, build something. And for the longest time, I didn't even know what that really meant. Finally, I think I get it.

For me, it has manifested itself in the form of startup fever. It's infectious stuff. I challenge you to go through the MBA without feeling - at least once - that you want to set up your own business some day. And imagine the network you have at your fingertips. Sounding boards for your ideas, a fresh pair of eyes for your financials, people who know people who know people, and good friends who aren't afraid to tell you why what you're doing won't work. Luckily for me, London Business School is also working on boosting its support system for entrepreneurs. Yesterday, I had a great meeting with an Executive in Residence to talk through my startup project. I now have a To Do list longer than my arm but it's exciting and refreshing. I have a trajectory again!

Things are finally falling into place. I've had a lot of time to think and where I came out is that the two areas I want to invest my time and energy into are education and wellness (an oh-so-teensy side-step from M&A and IPOs). To this end, I'm working with a truly wonderful education startup while I work on my own venture in the wellness space. The learning curve is crazy and between these two startups and the house move, I'm squeezing the juice out of every last minute but you know what? I'm living the dream!