Getting my geek on

So a couple of weeks ago, I FINALLY started learning how to code. My weapon of choice: Codecademy. Credit where credit is due - I was inspired by the MBA at London Business School and my time on exchange in LA. I was excited by the fast and furious world of tech entrepreneurship and had this sneaky little feeling that I was at risk of being left behind. I'd been contemplating the idea of coding for some time and this beautiful video from was all it took to push me over the edge:


Now that quote around 4min 58 might sound cheesy ("It's the closest thing we have to a superpower") but I think there's a lot of truth to it. To code is to create. It's art in motion. I'm teaching myself through Codecademy in my spare time so I'm obviously no Zuckerberg but even I can tell that there's some magic to this stuff.  Today, it's a hot topic (think STEM in education), but I believe that tomorrow, coding skills will be a given. Digital literacy will be as integral to a child's schooling as the 3 Rs.

Sure, this generation can easily get away with ignoring the whole thing but why would you want to? It's amazing stuff. You can't imagine the satisfaction you can get from something as simple as the first time you get a little box to pop up on the screen, saying, "BOO!".  You start with baby-steps, of course, but the possibilities are endless. And the more you learn, the more you unlock.

My mini-goal? To build an iOS app. Someday. However crappy. But first, the basics.