Where the MBA meets yoga

Now that the UCLA Anderson exchange orientation is out of the way, I'm moved back to my little studio and am generally back to being a happy little bunny, I've been able to take some time to reflect.  I noticed that there are a couple of things that tend to fly out of the window at the first sign of trouble. One of those things is a good meditation practice.  And that's crazy because it's times like these that you need it the most. Remember that old adage? It goes something like this:

Meditate for twenty minutes every day.  Except when you're very busy. Then, a full hour is needed.

Guilty as charged. I let it slide. But I have a solution!

I learnt in Organisational Behaviour (one of the best classes at London Business School, incidentally) that public commitment is a powerful thing because we tend to want to appear consistent (because consistency = trustworthiness, which = likeableness, which = the holy grail).  This blog is as good a place as any for a public commitment so here goes: from tomorrow, I am making a renewed commitment to my meditation practice.  Twenty minutes, twice a day, every day.

The last bit might be a bit of a blooper because apparently we're not so good with indefinitely framed goals but let's see how it goes. Note how I also make the classic rookie error of postponing the commitment (tomorrow never comes, live in the moment, carpe diem etc. etc.).  Well it's 7pm and I'm starving and... well, this is exactly how it starts. Time to zone out for 20.

See? Public commitment.  I tell you, it's amazing stuff.