LA, baby!

A few things that strike me about LA so far:

  1. It's hot (I mean really hot).
  2. Everyone is so happy! I'd say I'm quite cheery for London but by LA standards, I might even be considered mildly depressed.  I love these people! They are now right up there with the Balinese, South Africans and Canadians - some of the most adorable people I've ever met.  Excuse the wild generalisations. 
  3. Despite the ginormous food portions (and excellent food at that!), everyone appears to be in great shape.  Magical work of the fitness fairy.
  4. They do love their cars here.  Big cars.  Scary for a little pedestrian like me.
  5. UCLA's gym is bigger than the entirety of London Business School.

Leaving my husband for 3 months to go on exchange to UCLA Anderson is probably one of my more hair-brained ideas but you know what? Now that I'm all settled in, I get a good feeling about it...