The Packathon: Packing, Prancing and CBeebies

To be fair, packing is never easy.   Not helped by the fact that this time it's for a whole 3 months and although I'm leaving early tomorrow morning, I'm still easily distracted by random urges to spring clean, prance around to music (specifically Kudiye di Kurti - I now know the moves!) and watch children's TV. I kid you not!  This morning I found myself enchanted by "Nina and the Neurons" of CBeebies fame. More on that another day.  Back to my rant.

Packing! What a nightmare.  It's all so much easier for guys - you just bung in whatever and you're done.  For girls there's the day dresses, evening dresses, tops, trousers (might have to start calling those "pants" in the US of A), "ethnic" wear (what an expression!), various pairs of shoes, gym kit and lounging-around clothes.  That leaves my gadgets, lotions/potions and meditation/yoga gear.  I've managed to cram all that into 2 suitcases and I have to say I'm quite chuffed.

So back to spring cleaning, prancing around and children's television!  In case you're wondering what it is that I'm prancing around to:


A bit of Bollywood never hurt anyone but it's tiring stuff.  I might have to treat myself to a chocolate milkshake and a cookie.  (And no, the sugar war isn't going so well...we're in ceasefire mode until we reach the other side of the Atlantic...)